Meet Dana

Dana discovered yoga through a voice teacher who incorporated yoga asana into the art of singing when she was only fifteen years old. Having already suffered from a number of eating disorders and severe anxiety and depression, yoga and singing together created a safe space where being in her body didn’t seem so bad. Having spent her childhood traveling between Israel and Texas, “home” was a loosely defined word. Yoga became a major building block in the long process of making her body into her home.

Over the years Dana has explored many different yoga styles and considers herself a yoga “mutt”, taking aspects of different lineages and applying them into unique therapeutic sequences. Her teachings encourage students to notice and sit with where they are physically and emotionally. You can expect a challenging but accessible practice filled with traditional asana and non-traditional functional and exploratory movement, with lots of focus on breath and the meditative qualities of yoga. Her attitude towards movement and life is light-hearted and approachable. Humor plays a big role in her teaching style.

When she isn’t teaching yoga, you can find Dana spending time with her family and her beloved beast preferably near cold water.